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Quickly find low gas prices

Quickly find low gas prices

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California Energy Commission: Transportation Fuels
Average statewide retail gasoline and diesel fuel prices, and trends.

Daily Fuel Gauge Report
The American Automobile Association's media site for retail gas prices. Lists many different urban areas in the United States.

Energy Information Administration: Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update
Average gasoline and diesel fuel prices, charted by region of the country, and listed by state.

Fuel Me Up
Allows consumers to input, update and share information on gas prices and gas stations. Wireless-enabled to assist travelers in finding gas stations and prices.

Information on current fuel prices around the state of Western Australia.

GasBuddy Organization Inc.
Local, real-time gasoline prices. Canada and USA.
Tracks gasoline prices at local stations from reports provided by consumers.
Lists user-posted automobile gas prices from across Canada, sorted by province and region.

MSN Autos: Gas Prices
Search gas prices by zip code, using OPIS data.

Ottawa Gas Prices
Keeps track of Ottawa's best and worst gas prices.

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